1. To treat others the way we want to be treated

2. To deliver goods and products in a safe and timely matter

Walking the Walk and not just Talking the Talk…

Twin Star Transfer, a transportation company specializing in refridgerated and temperature controlled freight, was started by Tim Watts in the summer of 2017. After spending over 40 years in the trucking industry, Tim decided to open his own company and implement all the knowledge and ideas that one gathers after working in an industry for so long. He knew how he wanted Twin Star Transfer to operate, but more importantly, he knew how he DIDN’T want it to operate. Over the years he had seen drivers treated like numbers instead of teammates. On top of that he witnessed home time requests being ignored, bonuses refused, and drivers being punished for circumstances that were out of their hands. He also saw office personnel that were not trained properly and trained employess forced to use old technology to run operations. So when he founded Twin Star Transfer, Tim decided to take those negative experiences and ensure they don’t happen under his watch.

It is one thing to say you are going to do things differently, it’s another thing to actually follow through.

We encourage you to contact us and see for yourself. If you’re a driver look for a different opportunity, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to talk with you. Simply fill out our quick questionnaire and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



CEO / President

While they do have fancy titles, that doesn’t mean they are fancy people. Tim and Sam make up the entire staff in the operations department. While it seems cool to make you think that we are guys dressed in suits in a corner office somewhere, that simply is not the case. If you call Twin Star Transfer, you will talk to one of us.

But just because we are small in numbers, that doesn’t mean that we are novices. Between the two of us, we have 65 years of experience in the transportation industy. Tim began as a driver back in the 70s, while Sam started by cleaning out trucks and washing out trailers.

To find out more about Tim and Sam, click on their pictures and read about their history in the trucking business and some interesting facts about them.


General Manager