I was born into the trucking business. There really was no escaping it…trust me…I tried. Because my father was in trucking my whole childhood, I was raised around the smell of diesel. Some may say that I have diesel running through my veins, but that is not true…that would actually kill me. But I have been around semi-trucks my entire life.

My first taste of the industry was around 13 years old when I would help wash semi-trucks and trailers that were brought into the yard. I enjoyed playing with water throughout the summer months, but was always amazed at how dirty you can become begin around soap all day. I would also washout trailers because the company hauled a lot of plants and so dirt was everywhere. Maybe that’s how I would get so dirty…

After a couple summers of being the truck washer/trailer washer/warehouse help/errand boy, I moved into a more “indoorsy” position. I sat in front of a computer and manual entered log book information for hours on end. Still to this day, I have never experienced such boredom as I did while entering log book information into a computer. It was nice to sit in air-conditioning though. I would occasionally help out as well with answering the front desk phone. But after accidently hanging up on the CEO three times, I was politely told to not answer any more phones.

Remember how I said I tried to get out of trucking? Well, after all of this, I escaped to college where I studied broadcasting. I was going to be the next Steven Spielberg. But even though I really enjoyed working in production, there was not that bright of a future in it. Seriously, all the entry-level positions are done by robots now. So, I decided to go back to what I knew…trucking.

I worked as an Events Coordinator for Maui Shower Company, a mobile shower unit that my father created. It went to all the major NASCAR and NHRA events as well as large music festivals. I negotiated pricing and water options with all the tracks and promoters, and really had a blast doing it. But as the saying goes, all good things must be destroyed by the economic collapse of 2008, and Maui was no different. The NASCAR audience withered, and music festivals flat out ceased. And with that, no one need showers anymore.

So it was back to “normal” trucking. And after a couple other small detours, I was back in a trucking company office. It really feels like nothing has changed…except the technology, which is fine because I’m a (older) millennial, and I can handle that.

One of my favorite sayings is “trucking has been very very good to me, and very very bad to me”. But here I am, still with it. And I do enjoy it. It’s an industry that truly moves America.


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Favorite Movie: Tommy Boy, Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind

Favorite TV Show: 24, Sons of Anarchy

Favorite Food: A nice juicy hamburger

Favorite Sport: Baseball

Favorite Vacation Spot: Las Vegas or The Black Hills

Favorite Band: Way too many to name, but I’ll never skip over a 90’s alternative rock song

Favorite Song: Changes daily, right now it’s “Sawed Off Shotgun” by The Glorious Sons

Celebrity I Would Shake Hands With: Johnny Cash

Favorite Truck: International Lonestar

 Favorite Hobby: Riding my motorcycle

 Fact We Don’t Know About You: I toured Hong Kong as a guitar player for a band for a month